Co-Founder, Kevin Jin

Teenage startup founder, driven by passion, seeks to bring truly creative solutions for the digital world. With a social drive, he created Keo Plus to bring change to the currently limited LMS market. Phantomore's team is fully committed to the mission, to change lives. 

We aim to disrupt the dull, un-changing digital agency market
through a clear and unique new lens. 


We knew that to be truly successful we must be ready to be unconventional. We work with clients on a one-to-one, a-to-z, simplified all-in-one process allowing clients to come to us for anything digital. 

unparalleled support

We take communication to the next level. Due to our high standards in support, we are able to reach internationally beyond our 6 locations around the world. Our team will stick with you 24/7 through every step of the process. 

We imagine unlimited possibilities. 

Through our creative lens, we provide digital solutions for companies around the world. Our team has no limits, helping you to reach beyond the skies, no matter what comes at us along the way. 


We build Socially Driven, Learning Management Systems. 

An engine that is used to bring the classroom learning experience online. Allowing the submission of assignment, collaboration, testing, and more online. Phantomore plans on stretching the possibilities of what a LMS can do.
Let's change the world.

Our Exec Team

Great People, Great Company.

Kevin Jin

Co-Founder & CEO

An Entrepreneur, Award winning Film maker, designer, and a programmer, Kevin always had passion in changing the lives of students.

Hamza M. Khan

Co-Founder & AI research

Control & Electronics/Telecom Engineer, Programmer, Tech Enthusiast & entrepreneur; Hamza has a knack for technology & modern media.

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