We are the creators behind Keo Plus,
A simple to use all-in-one learning managment system.
Our Mission Statement

Where dreams come true. 

Through extensive research and development, Phantomore can bring newly developed technologies in the market of online learning, specifically the learning management segment.
We believe that these products should benefit students rather than being forcefully implemented by institutions. Through our unique business model and features, we believe that this software will benefit all parties including students, teachers, parents, and even schools. The educational sector in both offline and online segments has almost never seen an innovation throughout its history; through revolutionizing the current outdated systems we trust that we will bring a positive impact on this market, and the society. 

Keo Plus

Our LMS Platform


Years of Hard Work


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Learning done right.

We reimagine the learning environment through the use of advanced software technologies.
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Communication Built Right In

Keo Plus boasts a managed email service, something no other services offer. It eliminated the barrier of user experience of the fragmented usage of LMS systems. Keo Plus even offers a chat and conferencing options to expand the possibilities of the classroom.

Simple and Intuitive

Keo Plus is the only LMS service provider that brings simple user experience to a advance set of features. We are among the only providers to provide a one-click signup process for all of our test users, without surveys or phone calls.

Bringing Human Interaction Online

Keo Plus will be the only fully fledge LMS service provider that has a social feature for parents, teachers, and students. Interactions and notifications are now even more organic than traditional methods. Letting everyone communicate directly with each other.

Revolutionized Support Structure

Keo Plus will be the only company that offers a direct <5Min response time support staff 24/7. Nothing gets initiated through tickets or emails eliminating the learning barrier between organizations. All at the lowest costs in the market.


Team of passion

Co-Founder, Kevin

Teenage startup founder, driven by passion, seeks to bring change to the currently limited LMS market. Phantomore's team is fully committed to the mission, to change lives. 


Built by students, for students. 

Keo Plus wont be the same without the feedback from students, teachers, and school admins that is eager to make a change in the market. Help us build a better product, help us make a impact.

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